Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fire and Ice

This sculpture took 3 days to make because the conditions and location were so demanding. The third day the north wind whipped the lake up into some decent waves which splashed the sculpture through the night. I wondered if it could survive or would it be washed away ? Early this morning I got to the site and was delighted to see it was still standing ! It was just 8 degrees out, but the glorious sunrise made it feel much warmer !

There will be more images of this piece soon.

I wanted to put this up to celebrate the winter issue of Faerie Magazine. They have a two page spread of my work and they did a really great job. Here is the URL to their website : http://www.faeriemagazine.com/ and if you go there, be sure to check out the special movie called "The Orb". It documents a "visitation" I was able to capture in the camera.... a tiny blue orb was seen hovering near one of my Faerie Houses... I did not realise I had recorded it until I looked at the images...judge for yourself what it might be !
With deepest thanks to Jonathan in Aotearoa. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Sally, your sculptures are woven from the fabric of light and grace ...

White spiritual fires rise from your ice castles as gleaming flashes of sun light dance across the heavens and melt into its glittering walls.
My eyes burn with the hidden mysteries of life within light ...
Thank you Matthias

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