Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year !

New Year, new beginnings !

The vision: an ice palace perched high on a clifftop... a spiral pathway leading up to the ice palace. How to begin? A standing stone from the garden becomes the cliff face. Drenched with layers of water to create ice likes to stick to of attraction.
I begin adding icicles harvested from the lake. Beautiful ice...clear long fingers of frozen lake... pure joy to work with these. The palace grows quickly. The sun moves lower in the sky...the days are so short now ! Have to go inside frequently to warm cold, so cold. Clear icicles are getting a frosty glaze, sad to loose the clarity, but the matte frost looks mysterious too.

Welding the icicles to the ice coated stone is possible now...spiral stairway climbs slowly upwards...glinting in golden light as the lowering sun catches the tips of the icicles...mesmerizing beauty.

Run quick to get the camera and capture a few shots before the sun sets....gorgeous pink light now...turquoise sparkles everywhere. Such enchantment !!!
A good days work !

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