Sunday, January 20, 2008


Along the shores of Lake Champlain. After many days of strong south winds, fantastic icicles had formed in the overhanging rocks. Excellent materials for creating an otherworldly sculpture.

This piece is featured in my new calendar "Eartherials" available thru follow the link in the upper right box, above the "about the artist" box.

When the sculpture was finished, I needed to take the photos. I was not looking forward to this part. I had to stand in the freezing order to get far enough away from the piece, I had to be in deep water... nearly to the tops of my waders. It was -10F in the air, but the water felt almost warm by comparison....still, my tripod froze up completely and the camera struggled to keep did my fingers !

I keep a small, waterproof cooler on hand, with tightly sealed jars of warm water inside it. Nestled in the cooler, wrapped in insulating baggies are my spare batteries for the camera. It works well, but you still have to load and unload the batteries...always a breathless moment when the water is deeper than I'm willing to reach down into should something slip !

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