Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blue room with a view

The time of playing with ice is coming to a close... the sun is climbing high in the sky during the day... birds are riding the warming southerly winds and returning to the valley. Everyone is getting stir crazy and can't wait for the return of the warmth and green. The sap is rising in the trees now and the rush that is spring will soon be upon us.

What I will miss most about winter is the stillness and quiet...and the challenges of working with this crystalline medium. There may be one or two more nights left in this season cold enough for working directly with the icicles... or it may be too warm from now on , I shall have to just wait and see...but if this is the last piece I make with icicles this season, I shall be content.

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Lucie said...

This morning when I was in the office of my Chiro. for an appointment, I saw your beautiful work of art done in the nature with nature itself. I memorized your website address to see more of it. I was hungry for more. Being an artist myself I can reconnaize the heart behind the masterpieces. You are very, very near to His heart my dear. It's so obvious that you are gracefully and lovingly use His millions of masterpieces with holiness I should say. You are a God's daughter it shows. Show it to the world my dear.

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