Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July ! For Americans, this is a holiday of fun and remembrance. And fireworks in the evening...but I thought I'd share this daytime delight. When I created this piece I was simply working with the flowers on hand...not really 'thinking' but rather intuiting my way along. I had the pleasure of working in my friends garden (she has some really beautiful flowers and they are magnificently cared for too)...the reds of the hollyhocks seemed to be like glowing rubies when backlit by the summer sun. The globe thistles were just starting to come into bloom, and there were daisies and there were other delicate flowers that I did not know the names of....but they reminded me of fireworks the way their delicate tendrils reached out from their stems. So I happily played with all these shapes and colours and began shooting...I'm not one to use this colour combination very much at any place in my world...but somehow, on that was feeling 'right' wasn't until I got home, looked at all the images and I thought...this will make a perfect image for the July page of a calendar....then I looked at the number of the image...1776...and felt like the Faeries were having a great laugh with me !


syren said...

This is so lovely, we've just had our coldest winter day so far - the wind coming from the south west was icy, it's been snowing up on the plateau. To see all these gorgeous flowers is a treat - although we really only have 1-2 months of cold weather (and not your sort of cold), I'm looking forward to Spring which usually starts sometime in August but with the strange weather everyone is experiencing globally one can't be sure these days.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Syren for your kind words...yes, the earth is indeed changing, and that is why I feel so compelled to do this work now. Who knows what sort of landscape this will all be in another 5 years? But right now we can create with Nature and help reflect her wild beauty back to those who have eyes to see and hearts that remain open without fear.
Blessed Be and thank you !

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