Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ta-Da !

What a moment this was. I had been at my favourite secret beach working with waves and sand in an experimental fashion. It was just after sunset and I decided to head back to the car which was about a half mile hike away. As I started out, I had the urge to take a different pathway back. I came across a pristine section of rare black sand, freshly smoothed by the waves of the day. One maple tree near the edge of the water was starting to change colour, and some sort of shrub was just beginning to come into bloom with incredible spherical blossoms that reminded me of magic wands. In an instant I "saw" this spiral wanting to be there in the black sand. At first, I declined the invitation...there was not enough light as it was and I knew it would be too dark by the time I was finished to get decent photos. The spiral insisted once more that it wanted to be there.... so I took off all my gear, set it far away from the waves and began to work quickly. I had the oddest sensation that the branch wanted to be "lighting" the spiral, so to speak.

Next I quickly collected the leaves and put them in place. I had to work very carefully and reach a long way towards the shrub yet and place the leaves down perfectly in one try because the sand was so fine that it immediately left an impression of anything that touched it, no matter how slight. Then I added the spherical blossoms... there were not many in bloom yet, but loads of buds. Just enough for the spiral.
Somehow, time stood still long enough for me to make the piece. The light lingered just enough to get the shots. As I walked away, I looked back and it almost appeared as if the spiral was glowing there in the hidden spaces between the trees of the forested beach....
a feeling of warmth and gratitude overwhelmed me.

When we overcome our internal "no" and say "Yes" to what seems improbable or impossible, magic opens a door and changes everything...including us.

I hope you've enjoyed the Spiral series. I will be working a lot more with this shape in the weeks and years to come. I can never get enough of this form. I also have new faerie houses to share with you starting next week. Have a great week-end everyone !

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Laume said...

The spirals were all lovely. I don't know if I could chose a favorite. It would be like chosing a favorite child - you love them all for their unique natures. You can't really compare them against each other.

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