Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Happy Autumn Everyone !!!

I am very pleased to announce that Pomegranate publications has just released a lovely boxed set of notecards using 4 designs from my collection !!!

If you'd like to see their website, please use the link provided up at the top right of this blog page to go directly to the site where you can see the images and order the cards. You can order individual cards if you prefer.

The boxed set is really very nice. The box itself is heavy and is a first rate
production ... it has a satisfying weight and feel. You will love the quality. The cards are much nicer than what the website shows (we are working on fixing that !). These will make wonderful Holiday gifts for all your gardening and Faerie friends alike.

I'm also working feverishly to get my next line of calendars out and the next book. Everything is getting closer and I am so very much looking forward to announcing HERE when they are done. Meanwhile, I will post another sculpture image tomorrow.

2 Weeks ago I finished putting together a slide show of over 180 images and presented it last week to a very special group of gardening enthusiasts. They enjoyed the presentation very much and gave me such good feedback. Then, 2 days later, my work opened in a very important show at a famous local environmental and educational center; "Shelburne Farms" in Shelburne, VT. If any of you have plans to visit the Burlington VT area for fall foliage, the Farm (it is an estate, really ) is a fabulous destination. The show will be up till Oct. 19th. Google Shelburne Farms and you'll see what a special place it is.

As for what is going on in the "real" world....

let's face it, there are some serious waves of emotions rolling around out there.... let this place , this blog, be your little place to escape the cares and woes of the crazy world outside... let Nature and all her beauty restore your sense of well-being. Allow yourself a few minutes to just reconnect with the infinite healing power of Mother Earth here through the images on this blogsite... come back often. I'm not going anywhere except outside to work more with Nature to bring her beauty and inspiration directly to you.

Blessed Be,



Michele Hauf said...

Got 'em! The notecards. They are gorgeous! Pomegranate does nice stuff; Can't wait to send these to friends!

marly said...

Drat, if you ever give that show again, please post where! I would have liked to go to the Shelburne... That will teach me not to keep an eye on your progress.

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