Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Spiral

It has been so very cold here the past few days. Too cold to work with ice. I have a sculpture half done but had to wrap it up and hope enough remains when the temperature warms up again. It needs to be at least 10 F or so to use the techniques I use.

So, I went for a walk to see what other sorts of work could be done in this bitter air.

The wind had howled last night and had formed a lovely drift on the top and side of a large boulder here near the house. The snow was extremely fragile, one false touch and it would peel off the rock. So I worked very carefully and had fun accentuating the natural curves that were already in play.

I want to explore working with the shadow elements of the snow, they are so gorgeously deep and full of subtle colour when the sky is clear and blue. Unfortunately, my digital camera seems unable to record these colours as well as the eye can... but it will be fun to see what is still possible.
Stay tuned !!

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