Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flower show helpers

We had a great time last week... the girls from a local Girl Scout troop offered to help make some Faerie houses for the Faerie Forest display in the upcoming Vermont Flower show. They did a GREAT job ! There are 5 houses total,( one of the girls was not present the day we shot this photo... a rare warm day for us, but her house will be in the show ) and the girls collectively decided upon the name for the village... "Periwinkle Valley "

What I loved was how each girl tackled the project with gusto and creativity. There are tiny signs welcoming the Faeries, benches, porches, gardens, ponds and pathways. Each girl made a wonderful creation and they will all form a special little village at one end of the Faerie Forest.

I apologize to my regular readers... I've been posting so little lately and I hope you don't feel too neglected these days... but this show is just taking every ounce of my creative juices and energy right now... and I promise to share photos of the structures, but after the show is over !! But for those who can come, be sure to watch for the Faerie Stonehenge with the lighted (!) spiral moss path leading up to the hilltop henge !!!

Less than a week to go now. Moving day is Monday. Set up will begin on Tuesday... and will really be in full swing on Wednesday and Thursday we finish up and oh, by the way, that day we also set up our vendor booths out in the exhibition hall !! So I'm pulling double duty getting that ready too as I've never had a vendor booth for my artworks !! Then Friday the show opens and runs thru Saturday and Sunday till 4:00 pm. I really hope people come and support the artists with sales. We are a totally volunteer force as far as putting on the show. We get paid nothing to build these incredible displays... our only income comes from the booth sales, so please come out and support us if you can !!

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