Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Purple and Gold leaf spiral

This image was from last fall. The day was warm and seductive.. one of the last delicious days of autumn. The leaves that look crimson in this image were from a decorative plum tree of some sort... I was visiting a friend in the village and these leaves were littered all over the sidewalk... they were too beautiful to leave there, so I picked up bunches of them ( enduring the stares of passers-by ) and brought them home. The colour was so inviting... a rich port red. The colour does not show so well in this image because the setting sun is shining thru the leaves... I'll post another image soon of the front sides.

This past week has been exciting and daunting... getting ready for the Vermont Flower Show... I am building a HUGE structure with multiple houses on it... I just hope I can pull it off and then move it !!! The technical challenges are many but I am enjoying them ! I will try to take some "in-progress" photos later this week... the sun is supposed to be out but it will be cold... far from the heady days of last September in all it's golden glory !!

Stay tuned !

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Lee Ann said...

These colors are so absolutely fantastic, and the grace of the spiral leaves (no pun intended) me speechless.

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