Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dancing Apple blossom spiral

There is a very large wild apple tree next to the pond here and right now it is at the peak of spring blooming. A few days ago we had a strong wind all day and it blew thousands of petals into the pond and chased them all down to one end where they floated helplessly caught in the cattails and unable to move any further. It was a blanket of snowy petals looking like the ice from just a few ago. It also looked like an opportunity to have some fun !

I picked some Vinca flowers from my shade garden and some dandelion flowers from the edge of the pond and waded in. Fortunately I had planned ahead and brought the camera with me too. Once I was in there, any movement from me upset the pattern and I would not have been able to get this photo. It was very bright as the sun was intensely strong and the sky was deep blue. The source of the blossoms is in the reflections, but it is hard to make it out in this image. What a joy to take advantage of this moment and do a simple creation. The next day, the petals had all turned a brown colour and the pond lost it's magical carpet. But there are still plenty of fresh blossoms on the tree... there may be another round if we have more wind later this week, as is forecasted.

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