Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waterfall Secrets Revealed

Now we see the secret house of the Waterfall Faeries.It is a house of stones and bright red leaves built behind the waterfall. White stone accents decorate the different rooms and terraces... but how do the Faeries get in without getting their wings wet??

As we sit and watch patiently the secret entrance is revealed!! The river itself has a pulse... every 18 seconds there is a surge and after the surge there is a pause. When the pause happens, a doorway opens in the waterfall and there is just enough space for a very quick Faerie to dash thru the shimmering crystal wall and into the house before the river flows again and recreates the thin skin of the waterfall.
Here we can see the opening just to the left of center. We can also see the two large shells that have been placed at the lowest terrace to collect water from the falls so the Faeries can take a bath or wash their feet without having to go back out into the big river. We can also see little bits of moss and other delightful plantings which are also on the terraces for the Faeries to enjoy.

Here is a look from the side of the Waterfall House. Now we can see that it is just a very thin skin of water that hides their house from the outside world. We can also see what happens as one of the pulses pushes an extra surge of water over the falls, it forms a bubble-like shape to the skin of water that is visible for only a fraction of a second. It is after this bubble passes that the doorway opens, so the Faeries have to be very quick and graceful as they make their way into the house and back out again into this world. Behind the wall of shimmering watery light, the Faeries are very happy and cozy and their rooms which go back into the cliff behind the falls. They have very magical parties there when all the River Elves come and join in the fun too.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the mystery of where the Waterfall Faeries live. Perhaps you've seen similar sorts of secret places when you have visited other waterfalls in the forest or in a park somewhere... look closely next time you are at a waterfall, you just might see something like this and who knows, maybe even a twinkling Faerie might show itself to you!

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magolla said...

I LOVE your photos! In fact, I told hubster that I want your calender for next year. I usually have castles or dragons, but next year it's faerie houses.

I write middle grade fantasy and your faerie houses help me envision their lives!

Thank you for sharing!

I even plugged your blog on my blog a few days ago.

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