Saturday, August 1, 2009

Floating Stone #2

This is the second floating stone image that I felt was a reasonable success. This image is taken in the same river just much further downstream. The water was not perfectly calm but tiny waves kept lapping at the stone creating some really unusual reflections, which I have decided to not publish here in this post as they need to be seen together as a collection...but I liked the delicate ring of raised water in this image and the rather solid looking reflection... it has the feeling of just having "landed" on the water which I like.

Again, this is not a photoshop trick... this stone really did appear like this in the river... you would have seen it just like this if you had been there too.



Michele Hauf said...

Love your stone pics! I'm a bit of a fan of smooth round stones. Hmm... :-) Anyway, look forward to seeing more!

Ken said...

I like the ring ... gives it more presence ... wonderful series!

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