Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn and the time of letting go

We've come back around to the Autumn time, the time of letting go. A lot of people find this time of year to be full of unexpected emotions.

As we say good-bye to summer I wanted to bring out one more image from my archives before fully getting into the fall cycle of creativity. For me, this image reflects so much poignancy about this time of year.
For several years I made a very large walking labyrinth in the meadow below my house. It was always such fun to see the seasons change from my walking meditations in the meadow. The gift of being able to be at peace, walking on mother earth and in this exquisite landscape was on of the simple pleasures that we often forget to give ourselves... the gift of a moment of reflection in the midst of our busy lives.

This image was taken several years ago. It was near mid-summer and it was the last year for my beloved cat who sits at the opening to the labyrinth. He used to like to walk with me and I knew at the time that this was probably our last summer together. It is the unbearable sweetness of moments like this that busy lives often take from us... or rather... we let them slip from our awareness... too caught up in our to-do lists.

This season of autumn is a time of savouring such sweet moments. Letting ourselves be overwhelmed by beauty is a nourishing thing to do... a good practise to take up as we prepare ourselves for the colder months ahead.

Next week I should be back on schedule with creative expressions of an autumnal kind.... the mountains are already aflame with colour, it is coming on fast here... I can't wait to get out and play with the leaves!!

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Ken said...

awesome amazing photo! ... and sentiments to go with it . . . thank you for the nudge . . .

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