Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girl Quest Workshop part 1

Last week-end I had the great pleasure to work with the girls of Girl Quest, from Vermont. The girls and some happy adults came to a secluded and magical forest area here in the Adirondacks and we had a lovely afternoon of Faerie House projects, Faerie tea and general good fun.

We started out with a brief talk about what I do and some stories from my Faerie house building adventures. Then the girls formed into groups for their group Faerie House building projects.

Everyone was very eager to get to work, but first we had to stop and ask the Faeries for their blessing and offer a small token to them and the land. Then we all got to work!

There were four groups and each had been given a basket of themed treasures to decorate their particular constructions. The four themes that we had this day were: Stones+Shells Faerie House items, Tree Faerie House items, Flower Faerie house items and Feather Faerie house items. Here we see the Flower Faerie house team getting busy with a clever circular design.

For some, this task was a tiny bit overwhelming at the start (I know how this feels, believe me!)... it is hard to know where to begin sometimes... and the materials were strange and unfamiliar, but very quickly the girls and adults got the feel of things and soon really creative masterpieces began to emerge.

Finally, after about an hour and a half of steady, concentrated work, all the houses were completed. We all met together in the mossy glade and began our group pilgrimage to see each and every house... for up till then, each team had seen only their own constructions.

Tune in soon to see what beautiful creations the teams made together!!


Jennifer* said...

Oh, the anticipation!! I am so excited to see the girls faerie houses!!

Erika M said...

Awww that's so Awesome!
I can't wait to see what they did!

Ken said...

this is soo cool!
lot's of photos please : )

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