Monday, October 12, 2009

Next up, the Tree Faeries House

Next we visited the Tree Faerie House. This was a very complicated construction that took full advantage of t(h)ree dimensional thinking. The girls described how they had started their construction but soon ran into technical difficulties. They re-grouped and re-envisioned their design. At first their house was just a simple creation tucked in some low branches of a tree, but soon they realized they wanted to make much MORE...

So they started at the top and began thinking like Faeries. They considered that when the Faeries arrive, they might be very tired from their long day of flying, so now they can take naps
right away when they first arrive in the leaf hammocks that are high in the tree.

Here we can see all the lovely airy streamers and wind indicators that are between the hammocks and the ground level house... Faeries appreciate this level of thoughtfulness from their human designers. The streamers and flower decorations lead down to the ground level.

Here we see the main entrance to the Faerie house which is deep within a rock that is next to the roots of the tree. Faeries enter the under-ground house through this magnificent door-way after going on a bridge that passes over the colourful garden. Very clever to be able to see their garden from above!

And finally, this house had another amazing feature... a mossy trail let to a wee Faerie well... with a working bucket made from a leaf! Here the well and its operation get a very close inspection.

The Tree Faerie team did an outstanding job of designing and creating a house that had wonderful innovations that Tree Faeries in particular would appreciate... well done Tree Faerie Team !!!!!!!


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Erika M said...

I just love what young ones think of that we so often don't! A place for them to rest! How nice :)
Definately another lovely design!

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