Monday, November 9, 2009

Fire Dragon Tail

Or is it a phoenix?

It is the tail end of autumn, that is for sure.

Almost all of the bright colors are gone now, even right down to the lakeshore ... the last golds of the season. A few flecks here and there remain, but for the most part, the show, such as it was this year, is over.

A few more images in the camera still wait to be viewed.

A few more sculptural creations can dreamed up.. and perhaps created, but it is the season of the hunt in these woods and I do not feel safe going out and working in my usual locations. So, it is a time of working close to home, finishing the late fall chores and waiting for some cold nights to see if any ice is forming yet in the puddles and small streams... soon it will be time to play with the frost faeries !

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