Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice to Everyone!

Here in the northern half of the planet we face the longest night and the start of the deep, cold season. In many places people are dealing with abundant snowfalls. Years ago I carved out a labyrinth with a snowshovel in my grass meadow on Solstice day. It took me many hours to make. A chance to reflect on all the gifts and blessings of the past year. Then as the sun was going down, I snapped this image with my very old and rather primitive digital camera.

As the twilight deepened, I lit the candles and had a lovely peaceful meditation walk into the center of the labyrinth to leave the candles over night. There is something ancient and healing about igniting a candle with the last rays of the sun on Solstice eve and then holding the candle safe thru all the long night only to blow it out once the new day and to some, new year, arrives. It is a simple ritual filled with much symbolism and meaning.

I wish you all Peace, good health and plenty of Joy in the coming year.


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GunDiva said...

Sally, your posts always make me smile. Come on over to my blog and collect your award :)

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