Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Faerieland portal

In a secluded forest the snow had fallen. The temperatures had dipped to well below freezing. It was late in the afternoon and I had just discovered this magical location. It felt like a meeting place, a place where woodland beings from other dimensions might come into this world. It had power and mystery pulsing thru the waters and as I wandered upstream I found a pool with fresh ice covering the deep green expanse. Where the water was still open it looked almost black. I asked permission to work with the ice, made a small offering to the guardians of the place and got to work. Soon the sun set and it got very dark, but I was warmed by the work. There was a full moon that night so it was easy to continue working. I finished around 10:30. Coyotes and a Great Horned owl kept me company with their distant songs which carried well in the night air across the forest silence.

I came back in the morning with the camera hoping the sun might reach into the glade and illuminate the ice in some way. Ice without sun is very boring to shoot. Sun makes ice come alive. I had to wait more than an hour, with camera batteries in my vest pocket keeping warm, but finally I could see it was going to happen...a beam of low-angled, deep winter light pierced the woods and struck the Faerie Portal... it was a very magical moment of hushed awe. I almost forgot to put the batteries back in the camera and snap the shutter.
Sometimes when I'm doing this work, I get transported to other dimensions myself and remembering to come back and do something as simple as take a photo can be very challenging!

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