Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dogwood spiral 2 & 3

Here are two more versions of the same spiral. The snow was filled with trails of various animal tracks. This trail was made by a particularly large coyote which is laid down on an older set made by a running coyote. Off in the distance, there was a smaller set of coyote tracks which may have been a youngster, perhaps this was mom and pup out for a hunting training.

What really captivated me were the long shadows and golden light. The sweep of the deep blue shadows from the distant pine trees down at the bottom of the hill provided lovely contrast in the background as the day came to a close. I've used this image in my latest book, on Spirals (please see previous post for details on how to find the book)

As the twilight deepened, a final magical moment transpired. A puff of feathery cloud was lit up by the now invisible sun. This effect lasted for less than a minute, but I always love how the pinks, golds and blues work together in these evening skies. In order to get the cloud in frame with the twig spiral I had to move the sculpture which in this case was not hard to do at all... I'm not usually able to move my sculptures once they are created so this was a fun exercise in being "in the moment" as I looked to the landscape for unusual framing opportunities. Following the trail of the large coyote I came to this cross-roads of trails. I do not know what made the other set of tracks... but it doesn't really matter. What I was wanting was to be able to have the dogwood twig spiral be in some sort of subtle relationship with the golden cloud now glowing on the far horizon. I am pleased with this result except that the cloud was much more brilliantly pink and gold in-person. My battery died after taking this shot and I could not get a second exposure to do the cloud justice.

SPECIAL NOTICE: For those of you who live in the Champlain Valley area and who may want to see some of my work in larger format, I currently have a small show hanging at the Charlotte Senior Center in Charlotte, VT. It is a lovely space and I had been invited to show there for the month of February. The show is up now and will hang for the month. I am to give a small talk and slide show this coming Wednesday, which is why my blog has been getting neglected lately... I've been very busy putting together this small show and lecture. The slide show will be at 1:00 pm and seating is rather limited, but it should be a lovely afternoon to share some of my work with those who can make it. After this is over, I should be able to get back to more creating of sculptures. I also am working on putting together my next book, which will be all the best Faerie Houses of the past 4 years. I'm not looking forward to trimming down the selections and leaving some out, but I have to keep the books small to make them be affordable. So much work is still ahead. Also, I am noticing that I am on the cusp of writing my 200th post... I shall have to create something special to commemorate the moment... stay tuned!!

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