Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Friends,
This is a special moment... my 200th post!! I wanted to do something special and it has taken me a wee bit longer than I anticipated but hopefully you will enjoy the small gift I have to share with you. There are two gifts actually... the first is that if you want to order one of my books, this is an excellent week-end to do so as Lulu is having a 15% off sale. All you have to do is put the code word "WASHINGTON" in the coupon code box at checkout and the discount will be applied. This offer comes from Lulu and is only good for this week-end... it expires at midnight on Sunday.

And now for my offering... I am currently taking my slideshow to the next level to have it professionally produced into a DVD. It will be awhile before it is available as there is much delicate editing work that has to be done, but I can give you a sneak preview of the work-in-progress... here is a rough visualization of the final chapter, the finale. Enjoy! and thank you for all your interest in my work and support... it means a great deal to me to have you all there. Hopefully, here is the video:

My apologies for the very poor image quality... this is something I have no control over at this time... the original file looks wonderful as the people who saw the slide show will confirm. I'm trying to improve this process so the quality will be better, but I didn't want to delay posting this any longer. Hopefully you can forgive the poor resolution and just see this as a video "sketch" of sorts for a much nicer, final product coming in the near future.

Have a lovely week-end and week. I am going to try to create something with the New Moon coming up, but the weather may not co-operate...we shall see what develops!


GunDiva said...

Your slide show is beautiful!

Erika M said...

Hi! I know I've been fairly absent for a whilenow, which makes me incredibly sad. I haven't had much time to do much of anything except school, but I wanted to pop in and let you know that I always take time to just look at the new photos you post - and they've all een beautiful. I'm still here enjoying all your creations and behind you 100 percent. It's great that you're working on a dvd! What fun! Unfortunately the video said it was not available and has nothing to play (for me anyway). But I bet it's looking nice :) I was wondering what the soundtrack would be? Much luck with all your recent goals!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous Sally . . . congratulations!

question: will there be behind the scene clips/shots of you working?

thank you for sharing!


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