Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A special Time

Seems like we are always looking forwards or backwards in time. As I look back across the expanse of the previous year I see so much that happened...so much that got stirred, created and of course, let go. Last year at this time so much got opened up and the creativity portals were flowing with magic and unexpected delights like never before. A sweetness filled the air, an electricity pulsed thru the ethers and cosmic gateways opened allowing new and inspiring connections.

And here we are now, one year later and the stars and planets are still lining up in astonishing configurations giving us hints of even more amazing possibilities which are waiting to unfold, beginning with the full moon in a couple of days. What has all of this got to do with this image I can hear you asking.

This image represents the preciousness of NOW. The delight of sitting in a place of utter peace and calmness...letting the rivers of potential flood your senses and deliver visions and dreams of what might be unfolding for each and every one of us... while at the same time, letting the gifts of the past glow in our hearts- treasures of glittering jewels of loving and sharing ... deep and sweet moments. Letting our greater selves hold both these realities lightly in our awareness while we drink in the breath and power of this most magical moment, the preciousness of NOW.

It is especially important in this time of powerful transformation and growth to have a place to sit in peace and take in this paradox. So, I built this wee house for anyone who needs it. The view is calming and sweet. The heart flowers ( I don't like the name "bleeding hearts" so I don't use it... to me these are full and dancing hearts!) circle around the gazebo reminding us that the heart is the center of our being... the place where the Divine energies meet- those which are surging up from the Earth and those which are descending downwards from the cosmos. Those energies actually meet in the center of our bodies, in our Heart chakra. Literally and figuratively we sit here in the middle place, in our open-hearted place and become the alchemical crucible of a great Mystery.

So if the rushing surges of this powerful waxing moon are beginning to drive you crazy or if the pace of life is a little more than you'd like, or if the hectic days of kids and chores and work and all the bizziness of the mundane world seem to be running you ragged, then by all means...do take a few moments of rest and peace here in this tiny world and allow the magic of this place be a soothing balm for you. Come back again anytime. The sun is always hanging on the rim of this world, flooding it with golden possibilities and radiant peace.
Stay as long as you like.

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Bonnie K said...

So very well said, Sally...and just where I am at these days. As Eckhart Tolle says in his book, A New Earth, our most important primordial relationship is our relationship with the NOW. It is a decision that one must make again & again & again until it becomes a natural way to live.

Thank you for this reminder.

Thank you for creating such an inviting place to reside in the NOW. I shall spend time there today.

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