Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just 300 to go!

It's hard to believe, but some time very shortly, visitor # 30,000 will cross this threshold. Astonishing.

Till then, a quiet moment of reflection with Floating Stone # 5. This stone is unusual because it presented two entirely different photographic experiences without moving one teenise bit. This image came first, just as the sun had vanished behind the nearby ridge but was still brightly illuminating the clouds above. I reduced the amount of daylight so it appears to be deeper twilight than it actually was, but the pattern of the clouds deserved to be highlighted.

Then later, I noticed a bush along the banks had a few leaves turning from bright green to deep pink, so I gathered them and very gently positioned them around the stone. Using a pair of tiny twigs as chopsticks, I tried to get the leaves into position. Because of the water tension, the leaves actually were pulled towards the stone and held in place by the surface of the water, but they had trouble accepting any more than just a few leaves at once. Water is such amazing stuff!

Then, after the sun had set and the flat blue light of early dusk began to settle, a second image was captured. Same exact location. The stone did not move, only the camera did.

!! I just love working with these floating stones.

What I've also been working on this past week is a pair of new calendars. The fans who love my Faerie houses have been well served with the creations by Pomegranate but several of you have asked if there will be any Eartherial calendars for this year's holiday giving and I'm very pleased to say that I'm working on bringing at least two more calendars online very shortly.

One is of "Portals" and the other features all spirals. I'm awaiting the proof print for the Portals version and I must say, it is one of my best so far. Absolutely stunning. I can't wait to share both of them with you! So stay tuned and who knows, maybe when visitor # 30,000 arrives the calendars will be ready for your review!


Jennifer Star said...

Wow! Floating stone #5 with the leaves is just stunning! This has got to be my all time favorite so far of the floating stone series. I look forward to a calendar for 2012 that features all the floating stones, least 12 of them!! And perhaps even a new book...

Sally, you continue to nourish my soul with all the beauty you create in collaboration with the wild places. Thank you.

Bonnie K said...

Both photos are so peaceful, but I really love the one with those leaves.

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Jennifer and Bonnie!

I'm rather surprised but yet delighted to hear that you like the stone with the leaves the best. It was simply an experiment in the moment and I was not sure anyone would like them. Thank you for taking the time to write and give me your feedback!

And yes, I am working on getting some new calendars made with my Environmental sculptures!! They ARE coming... soon !!! :-)

Thank you both so much for your support!


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