Wednesday, November 10, 2010

another sale at Lulu

In some ways, I dislike all these marketing announcements... but I also know everyone is pleased when they can save a little bit here and there. So, that is why I'll continue to post these notices when they come in since some of  you may want to take advantage of the offers.

Today Lulu announced a 20% off sale on all items. The sale is good only for today and tomorrow as it is a Veteran's day sale. As per usual, the coupon cannot be applied with any other discount. If you are wanting just calendars, you should still use the "EARLYBIRD305" coupon code for 30% off savings on the calendars. I'm getting reports that lots of people are taking advantage of this sale and that is great!!

But if you were thinking about getting some of the books, this is a good time to use the " VETSDAY305 " coupon code and you'll get 20% off your order.

As an artist, all this talk of commerce is sometimes not what I want to be focused on, but it seems it is  a necessary part of  equation these days. I wish it were otherwise... believe me. But, these offers are gifts of a sort and as such, it seems most appropriate to share them with you in case you could use it. 

I'll add a photo here just so it isn't ALL business!!


Bonnie K said...

Oh my, Sally, how precious! May I take up residence in this little faerie cottage? I adore red roofs!

As to your uncomfortable feelings about marketing. I think many artists feel the same. We would rather be "in the studio" creating. But I have come to realize that marketing (however and by whom it is done) is the vehicle through which our work can be shared with the world. Just as our talents are a gift from Spirit, so to are the vehicles by which we are able to share them. These vehicles allow us to reach those who most need our work, whether we realize this or not. And thus the mission of our creative work is carried out by literally reaching those who need it most - for whatever healing they need (even if they do not realize it).

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Dear Bonnie, you are of course right! I think that sometime we artists have to go so far "in" to do our work, that coming "out" and being extroverted enough to do that marketing part is just too far a swing on the pendulum. Having an agent worked really well for me when I was a professional illustrator/painter. But they have gone bankrupt and besides they turned out to not be ethical people. I'm looking forward to the day when society value artists and what they do. Our world will be a happier place, especially for kids when the arts are embraced again as important part of living expression and for EVERYONE to do in whatever way they wish.

Bonnie K said...

It may take a while, Sally, but I TRUST with all my heart and soul that day WILL come when art is an intricately woven element of society.

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