Friday, November 12, 2010

The last leaves of Autumn

The last leaves of autumn. Gathered and circled on a spiral staff of dogwood. Saying farewell to the exuberance of summer. Saying hello to the subtlety of the quiet season.

A final turn on the wheel for these leaves.


Anonymous said...

I just love all of your work and these leaves are just so vibrantly colored and beautiful! I love your faerie houses too!

Bonnie K said...


Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Crystal and Bonnie,

I'm so glad you've enjoyed this piece. It is a particular favourite of mine as well. You can't quite tell from the image but the maple leaves at the bottom were enormous... some of the biggest I had ever seen, nearly the size of dinner plates. They added a lot of sense of movement... as if the whole thing was on fire in a way. I liked that effect very much.

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