Friday, December 10, 2010

BOOK Project LAUNCHED!!!!!!

Greetings Everyone!!

Well, I know I had said I was hoping to do a count-down for this project but the planning and preparation was far more complicated than I originally thought and took longer than I had hoped so in the end, I just had to hit the "launch" button on the Kickstarter website and make this all active!

For those who don't know, I've started a new experiment and you can help with the dream!!

In a nutshell: I want to make a beautiful, hardcover, Collectible First Edition book of my very best images. To do this I need to raise funds. There is a new, innovative online program called "" that hosts projects like mine and allows people to submit pledges towards the project. If enough pledges are made to meet the funding goal by the deadline, the project is a success and the pledges are turned into funds (via deductions from the pledger's credit cards) and then the book project can go ahead and the books can be made!!! It is very exciting to think this can now actually happen!!!

HERE is the website that tells all about it: Sally's Kickstarter project.

I've also created a special blog which you can find here: GSA BIG BOOK BLOG
I'll be posting special messages and updates here that will be just about the fund-raising project and the book project once that gets going. Also, there will be an exclusive email feed of updates and special tid-bits for all who sign up to back this projects, even at the lowest level of just $1.00, so there will be stuff of interest for everyone all along the way!

Now, here is the really important part: This is an ambitious project with a significant funding goal. If the goal is reached by Feb. 15th 2011, I'll be able to go ahead and make the book. If the goal is not met, I get no funding at all, and the book will not happen. :-(
So it really is up to ALL of us to see that the goal is met so the book can be made. This means networking!!

I've created some really fun rewards for ALL levels of participation. Pledges start as low as $1 so anyone can get onboard. None of the rewards can get activated until the process is complete, so if you are thinking this is a great Holiday gift idea.... you're RIGHT! But... it will be a delayed gifting because the gifts don't go out till after the goal is met. So again... we MUST meet the goal by the deadline or this will not happen.

PLEASE tell all your friends about this project. I'll be doing my part to tell all my contacts and anyone who has ever expressed interest in my work will want to know about this. The book will ONLY be available to those who fund the project ( and I'll have just a few extra copies made) but this is absolutely a rare opportunity. You may want to consider pledging for 2 books. Imagine what a hand-signed, numbered, personalized copy of a first edition may be worth someday. I'm also going to put small little surprises in the front of each book... so it is a very exciting project and I do hope you will be onboard as a supporter, and telling your social networks about the project. We need this to succeed and it will, with your help!

Oh and... when you go to the project page, you can see a new video that I made for this project... and you'll hear my voice! (but only images of my work... I'm still too shy about being on camera myself!)

So, here is the project URL once more:

Please come and check it out!!!

Bright Blessings to All !!


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