Saturday, March 26, 2011

PBS segment now online

The Mountain Lake Journal Extra program is now archived and available online at last !!!

Click HERE to go to the video.
If you want to see the program in the coming weeks and months when this blog has moved on to other topics, you will still be able to find a link to the right of the current post window, in the list as well as in my "Links of Interest" page found at the top of the blog. If your browser cannot link, here is the URL:

Host Derek Muirden and J. Scott Parker did a wonderful job filming this segment. They had quite a challenge getting all of my recent creative life distilled down with the footage they shot and then bringing that into a cohesive whole. I think Derek and his Editor did an outstanding job creating a short program that flows well and gives people a good taste of what I do. This has been a very humbling process for me I must say, and I've learned that ultimately, I am MUCH happier being behind the camera taking the shots than being in front of it... but Derek is a consummate professional and made the whole process a lot of fun.

Thanks Derek !!!

Also, I want to say a special "Thank You " to Thom Hallock for opening the segment with a mention of the Japan relief print project. It was very thoughtful of him to choose to put this first and I hope it will generate more interest in the print. We've already had several sales and the first prints will be shipping out shortly. Thank you Thom !

Please feel free to share the video with friends if you'd like to. Mountain Lake PBS makes it very easy to email your friends and tell them about it, just click on the "email" envelope in the top of the video window and you'll pause the video and be able to send a quick message to your friends about the program. And, if you have not yet done so, PLEASE become a member of your local PBS station. They work incredibly hard to bring stories just like this one to local communities everywhere and they really need our support, especially now.

Enjoy the "Mountain Lake Journal Extra" segment everyone! And if you feel so inclined afterwords, please send them an email using this link to tell them how much you liked the show. We are hoping to make a longer program on just my sculpture work. Your feedback would be much appreciated!!


Valerianna said...

Sally - an amazing film! I can't wait to show my Myth & Symbol class next week... they are just about to start their project - Sacred Body/Sacred Earth - a perfect thing to inspire them to take the leap and work outside. A couple of them have shyly mentioned faeries, so I think this might help them embrace that connection with more confidence as well.

And that ice sculpture at the end is just breathtaking!
Blessings from the hemlocks,

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Thank you Wise Woman of the Woods!!

It is an honour to be considered helpful for your class and students. I hope they can have some fun with whatever they create!

I have a time lapse video of the twilight descending onto the ice castle with the candles flickering inside. I'll see if I can figure out how to include it in a future post somehow. Thank you so much for your kind words!


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