Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asking for help

Hi Everyone!

I'm putting in a special request now for my good friend Rachael. She is trying to raise funds for her very special educational and practical program for raising awareness about and actually cleaning up the ocean. It's one of these "click and vote" fund-raising sites and she needs more support to get to the top... so I'm asking any of my readers who love the ocean, believe in good causes and want to help a worth program to do the following each day, for the next 4 days till the contest is complete:

go to:

and click on the "vote" button.... it will open up a new page to the various projects that are in this competition... you have to look closely for the following:

Trash Tour - A Marine Debris Education and Clean up Event by Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

(it's the second row down, on the far right)

click on vote now. You may have to fill out the security word in the popup window.

Rachael works very hard to educate kids about taking care of our natural world, so helping her out now is a way to touch hundreds of kids lives and the future as well. Please help if you can. It is a small thing we can do to help her get the funding she needs to make this worthy program a reality.

Thank you SO very much for your help!!

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