Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Beginnings #1

On the back of my barn is an old ladder. At the far end of the ladder I noticed some birch bark and twigs... a Faerie visitation, perhaps?

A flurry of wings, and then a closer look... ah! A Robin's nest! A beautiful construction with lots of fluttery birch bark. Four gorgeous eggs were inside.

The pair of birds were very alarmed with me being there so I tried to stay away as much as possible. My compost bin was nearby and so I had to find other places to put my compost for the near future.
I went out to check on the nest every third day or so and the female got used to me coming around the corner and she'd stay on the nest if I was very careful to pretend I was ignoring her. Finally after a week of torrential rains, when I was able to get out and see the nest, I was sad to discover that it was empty now. I think a hungry red squirrel must have helped itself to the eggs.

The next day I was working in my garden and I saw another Robin, was it from the same pair? setting up a new nest site in a balsam tree. I have not checked to see if they were successful... I don't want to draw any attention to the nest if it is there. I hope this time they can have some good success. The constant rains have made it hard to find good nest sites.

I have 2 other "New Beginnings" tales to share in a day or two.

Meanwhile, I found this location in my garden that I hope to make a wee faerie house for sometime soon...

I am still having a lot of trouble signing in and posting to my blog so I apologize for the spotty posting. I see that other bloggers are also experiencing trouble. Supposedly it has to do with corrupted Google cookies. I hope they can fix it soon.

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Valerianna said...

That spot looks perfect for a faery house....

"corrupted google cookies"- doesn't sound appetizing!

Lovely nest, too bad about its demise. I gather you missed out on the swirling winds we had here yesterday!

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