Monday, June 27, 2011

New Greetings cards!

Hi Everyone!

Here is your first sneak peek at my new greeting card lines. I have 4 New collections to share with you. Over the next few days I'll be telling you a wee bit about each new collection and, as a bonus to my loyal fans and followers, I'll give you a brief background about each image, just for fun!

My fabulous webmistress, Jennifer Star, is currently putting together the web pages so you'll be able to order any of these sets right from the website, so hang in there and we'll get that up and running as soon as possible. If you just have to get something now, email me. I have all of these in stock now and can create a special invoice/shipment just for you in a heartbeat.

Some things to remember:
1) if ever you want a print of any image of mine that you have seen, custom made for you or as a gift, just email me and I'll be very happy to set that up for you. Thanks to my wonderful printer they make all this very easy now. Prices vary with size and materials (paper or canvas) so think about what size print would be ideal for your order and we'll start there. Allow 2-3 weeks lead time.

2) If you would like to send out a really special holiday cards this year, consider using one of my images for your custom-printed cards!. I can work with the great folks who print my cards and create personalized Holiday cards just for you, with your special message on the inside. Minimum order is for 25 cards, all of the same image. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. No custom orders taken after Nov1st, so plan ahead. I have some special images that have a "Solstice" feeling which I will present here in a few days, or you may find any of these winter images perfect for your personal message. Prices will vary depending on number of cards ordered, etc. I will be posting some basic pricing information for the custom cards here shortly.

OK... on to the new images! These are very small thumbnails with much of the lovely, sparkly detail not so easily visible in these small files. I used the small size files for easier uploading.
This first collection are the Winter Faerie houses:

This crystalline landscape was made on several boulders in the middle of a freezing mountain river. I worked at night in the full moon light. The curved ice was pulled off a boulder the day before. All Icicles were collected on location. You can just see this sculpture in background of my profile photo to get a sense of scale.

This miniature house is made from a hollowed out Pomegranate! A traditional fruit of the Winter Solstice in some cultures, but I seriously doubt they've ever been used like this before! Light is from a battery-operated tea light inside the house.

This Faerie House is gigantic, the biggest on-site sculpture I've ever made. It was well over 9 ft tall! Built overnight, it is photographed in the light of the pink sky of dawn, moments before the sun actually rose. It was about 4 below zero when I took this shot. I had to keep spare camera batteries in my vest pocket and swapping them every few minutes so the camera would continue to work.

This fabulous fantasy was created this past winter in the center of the stone circle in my garden. It was about 5-6 ft tall. There are several flaming tea candles inside providing the light inside the castle. A few of them go too hot and melted the ice shelves they were sitting on, which is why I had to start out with so many! The spiral path does lead thru an arched doorway into the inner castle.

This castle is made entirely of icicles gathered along the rock-cliff shores of the lake after a huge storm. They are "glued" to the vertical rock using a technique I've developed to attach ice to stone. This also has a spiral-like "pathway" leading up tot he house. It was 90% gone by the next day due to the fierce, dry winds that roared thru the valley all night.

And finally, this little treasure of a Faerie house is nestled deep in a balsam fir forest. It is decked out with a moss wreath and berries from the high-bush cranberry shrub in my garden. Fresh snow from the night before adds the perfect finishing decorations. This house now belongs to one of my fabulous Kickstarter backers!

So that is the first new collection of Greeting cards! Again, these are the Winter Faerie houses. Next up, we will look at the 6 new Winter Eartherial cards I've selected.

Enjoy your day!!!


Anonymous said...

They're absolutely amazing!!!
Thanks for sharing!


poppy said...

I just discovered your cards at the Dogwwod Cafe in Wadhams! Lovely!

Welcome to the enchanted world of Environmental art and Faerie Houses sculptures created by Sally J Smith. Here you will find photos of the artist's unique art-forms and hear some of the stories from behind the scenes as she shares with you her creative process.