Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wicked good offer

WOW !!! Due to amazing responses from all of you, all the prints have sold!! Thank you so very much to everyone!

I've heard from the shelter and they've told me that they have also received donations directly from readers who have seen this post, so a great big "THANK YOU" to everyone who has been able to help with this very important matching grant opportunity.

If anyone would still like to make a donation there is still time. What is especially important is that whatever you can give will be DOUBLED by a matching grant, so every donation counts! We're so close now!!

Click HERE to make a donation and thank you!!

The local animal shelter is down to the wire on a fund-raising campaign. They have a matching grant opportunity that can't be missed. The deadline is Nov. 1st. I don't have money to give them, but I have prints I can sell!

So here's what I'm offering: I have one each of the following prints. Each is approx 11 x 14 (some slightly smaller, some slightly larger). All are printed on Archival watercolour paper and will be signed by me. Can be personalized if you wish. I'm going to offer these prints for a very reduced rate with 100% of the proceeds to go towards the animal shelter's fund. This is a hugely important goal for them to make and you can help them get there with your donation, plus you'll leverage the matching grant... and get some cool art all at the same time!

I have only one copy of each print. Each is for sale at $35. Email me at:
greenspiritarts@westelcom.com and let me know which one(s) you want and I will mark it here as sold. I will create a Paypal invoice for you and we'll all be feeling great about doing something important for the animals who need our help !!

Since time is of the essence, I can only accept Paypal orders up till noon on Oct 31st. The prints will be sent rolled unless otherwise requested and postage will be an additional $5.
If you'd like to help out a VERY worthy cause, and get one of my prints, here's your chance!!

Here is the shelter's website so you can see what it is all about:

Our local shelter has been a woefully sub-standard place for over 2 decades. The animals have the barest minimum and dogs and cats are sheltered in the same, noisy kennel, so it is very stressful, especially for the cats. It serves a HUGE area in a place where people abandon pets FAR too regularly. The staff is incredibly dedicated to doing the best they can. This new facility is something that they have been working towards for over a decade. I can't tell you how much I want to help them secure this grant. PLEASE help if you can !!

Circle of Light
SOLD to a fabulous supporter, thank you!

SOLD - to a super supporter !!
kitties are purring a "thank you" too !!

Bellflower House

13 Stone Spiral
SOLD to a terrific supporter THANK YOU!!

Ring of Fire

SOLD to a generous supporter!

Dandinet New Moon

SOLD to a savvy supporter, thank you so much !!

SOLD - to a generous supporter !
Puppies are rolling all over themselves with glee
saying "Thank You" !!

Leaf Sphere over stream

Winter Solstice

SOLD to a very generous supporter, thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

I'll kick in for Bellflower House and Leaf House over stream (if that's the name: the many colored ball over the water).


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