Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dragon Faerie House debuts at Faeriecon

This is what I have been working on the past 6 weeks, 8-14 hours a day nearly non-stop... an over-the-top Faerie House for the Faerie Magazine promotion/launch of their new project. I cannot tell you about the project just yet, but I can tell you about this house! The house is making its big debut at the Faeriecon convention happening as we speak, this week-end in Baltimore, MD. If you are there and want to see this house in-person, go tot he Faerie Magazine booth and you will find it there.

The first thing to say about this house is that it is big. Over 2 ft tall with an approximate footprint of 13in x 13 in. It features 3 different bump-out bay windows and 2 oval windows plus two magical ruby-red glass gem windows. There are two sets of battery powered LED lights to vary the lighting intensity. A pair of lighted quartz crystal lights are on the front stairs, 4 removable roofs and a very special Golden Birch door that opens. It also features a very special surprise which I will tell you about shortly.

Here we have the house in a quiet indoor space with low lighting. This allows you to get the sense of how the interior lighting looks when it is turned ON.

Here we have the house outdoors, albeit not on a very good day as far as taking photos was concerned!! This is the front of the house.

Here we have a side view with one of the Bay windows. Each Bay window has a glazing of magical Faerie film which acts like a mirror in daylight but allows light to pass thru when lighted from within. Also each window has a green velvet upholstered window seat on the inside.

Here is the view of the back. You'll notice a dark cave at the base of the Faerie House.... this is the secret Dragon's lair entrance so the dragons can come and go without disturbing the residents of the castle too much. One of the light switches is hidden under the leafy roof. The other is just to the left of the front door.

Here we are coming back around from the other side towards the front of the house. You can see the other two Bay windows here. The second light switch is under the slope of mossy roof over the entrance-way. What is not very visible in these images is the fact that the entire castle is perched upon real stones, as if it is on top of its own little mountaintop.

The Front door. This whole sculpture began with the piece of driftwood shaped like a Dragon's head and neck that arches over the doorway. It was almost complete when I found it... I just added the eyes of Garnet beads and the "crest" down the head and neck.... the rest is as I found it. Here too we get a glimpse inside. The entire interior is finished in the flower-petal infused Mulberry paper I like to use for the houses. There are multiple lights in the inside including the narrow Hermit's Tower at the very top of the castle.

All four roofs do come off, as previously mentioned. Here they all are lined up next to the house. Each one fits nice and snugly to help contain the light within the house during the darker hours.

Here is a peek inside the Dragon Cave. There are glittering, real quartz crystals and several neatly hidden lights all nestled in a velvety red background to give the feeling of a warm and magical cave. This picture does not do it justice!

More images and details are available... just email me if you'd like to see them. This house IS for sale: $2,850. The price reflects the one-of-a-kind nature of this sculpture, the 300+ hours it took to create it and the fact that it is the premier house to help launch Faerie Magazine's new project plus their commission. The buyer can get additional interior decorations added upon request. I've left it rather clean inside in case the new owner would like to add their own collection of decorations and furnishings. I am open to "lay-away" arrangements if you want to break the purchase price up into multiple, smaller payments. Please inquire if interested. This is by far my most enchanting and detailed house. It took such a labour of love to create... and it will be quite awhile before I make another to this scale and/or level of detail. Contact me if you want to see more details photos.

Soon Faerie Magazine will be announcing the new program. This house was created to help celebrate the new project and it is now on display at their booth at the Faeriecon convention. Kim (the Editor for the magazine) has told me that already the house has had many humdreds of admirers. Since the house is currently being seen by over 5000 visitors to the convention, if you think you might be a serious buyer, do let me know ASAP since I've authorized Faerie Magazine to sell it at the convention if a buyer shows up and wants it.

Tempus fugit and Carpe diem! :-)


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful, wonderful work!
I wish I could buy it...!
Keep up the excellent work!

: )

Valerianna said...

Very enchanting and amazing house! Look forward to knowing what the buzz is when its time, cool.

Carolyn said...

This is just amazing!

Scratching at the Window said...

Wow! The detail is wonderful, Sally! You've outdone yourself... any interior shots? Love to see the dragon that moves in! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!!I wish I could afford it.
Congrats Sally, you're always the best!

SiriusBlack5 said...

Oh so amazing, just love this!!

SiriusBlack5 said...

Oooo love this!! Awesome, Sally!

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