Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 days of specials at Lulu

Hi Everyone,

I've just received notice that Lulu will be having "12 days of Coupon specials" starting today. They have not indicated to me exactly what the specials will be so I will be just as surprised as you, but if you want to follow the program (and take advantage of any of the sales) here is the link to the page:

I know that I said I would be raising my calendars prices after December 1st, but thanks to better than anticipated orders this holiday season I am delighted to announce that I can continue to keep my personal discount sale of 10% off going for longer than expected... we can all use a little extra holiday cheer, and now it appears that Lulu will be adding to the fun with the 12 days of coupons program.

Be sure to pay attention to the fine print on their offers - some of the offers may apply to all Lulu products and some of the discounts may apply to only books or calendars. Since I have both on offer (you can see all my books and calendars here: ) this may make a difference to you.

Also a notification I received from Lulu recently: some rural customers are currently experiencing ordering problems and will see an notice that they have an "unacceptable address" and they will be unable to complete their order. If this happens, you can try using a different land address ( a friend or relative?) or you can contact me directly and I will place an order for you personally. This is a bug in the Lulu system that they are working on fixing but it still seems to be an issue for a few rare customers, so if you are unable to place and order because of this issue, please email me directly and we will get you sorted out. My apologies if this happens, it has/had to do with a Fed-Ex interface issue with the Lulu website and only affects a very small number of rural customers.


FroggieBuddha said...

Dear Ms. Smith,
My 10 year old daughter's friend gave her your faerie house calendar today. Before I tucked her in for the night we lay next to one another and looked at your calendar. When I left she clutched it to her chest and with tears in her eyes said "Oh mom, it's just so beautiful. I can't get over it." This whole year she has been making faerie houses from natural things. Thanks for showing her that grown-ups don't have to stop believing in or doing magical things.
Thank you very much for sharing your creative gifts with the world.


Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

Dear Claire,

What a sweet and touching story!! (I apologize for not publishing this sooner, I've been away for the holidays) It is moments like these that I treasure so much. For an artist, there is no finer or more important nourishment than to know that their art has touched someone's heart....thank YOU thank you for sharing this beautiful story!!

Many Bright Blessings to you both in the coming year!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sally,
I totally agree about your faerie house calendar! It's simply precious and I'll treasure it forever.Thank you.
Happy new year!

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