Sunday, January 29, 2012

FREE Booklet about custom-crafted Faerie houses now online

Greetings Everyone!

Finally, at last! My first edition FREE information booklet for my Custom-crafted Faerie houses is finished! It is now available as a download or for online viewing in two different places at absolutely no cost. You can go to the top of this page and go to the special page labeled "Custom Faerie houses Info".

Once there you can see the pages of the booklet. However, because of the limitations of Blogger, I was not able to get these pages to full size without viewing problems, so these pages may be hard to read depending on your browser and screen size. If you've tried to view the blog page and if it is not working for you, try clicking HERE and you'll be taken to a tiny, simple website that has the PDF file listed on the page. From here you can choose to view it right away, or you can download it and save it to view later. Here is the URL if you are unable to click on the link:

There is a LOT of information in the 16 pages. I give a brief description of the materials, a bit of a basic step-by-step on what goes into making the Faerie houses, a look at the 4 different "levels" of complexity for my the sculptures as well as information on how the whole "custom crafted" process works. Then I have additional pages that look at some of the basic features each house would have but comparing the different levels of complexity. Finally there are pages about special add-on features and prices....ah yes, the nitty-gritty!!

It may take a bit to wade through it all, but the process is meant to be fun and inspiring and hopefully you will find it to be so...and there are loads of images! I will soon have an additional page which one can use as a worksheet/order form in case you might be dreaming of one of these houses for yourself or as a gift for someone else. I'll let you know when that is ready.

PLEASE do feel free to share the link with anyone you know who might be interested in my work. Anyone who makes a successful referral (to someone who places an order) will get a VERY nice commission!

I have a few other announcements to make later this week so do come back soon. There will be two very special pieces of news to celebrate the return of the Light! The cross-quarter day festival called Imbolc is almost here (usually celebrated on February 1st) and those of us who live in the north of the Northern Hemisphere are really noticing that the daylight hours are getting longer so it is time to share the love...which I will be doing for the whole month as you will see!! :-)

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