Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celebrating the non-winter

As with so many other parts of the country, we had a remarkable non-winter this year. It was not possible to do my usual work. Everything felt disconnected, odd...unfamiliar. There were positives, to be sure...less time struggling against the cold for one thing, but the lack of snow was unprecedented for this area.

Then, last week a sudden storm in the night left a think blanket of white and I felt so compelled to DO something, anything! But there was such a thin covering...what to do? As I've learned by now, when uncertainty is in the air, spirals are too. I ventured to the moss garden and began to follow the curves in the tiny landscape. It was so delicious to feel the cold on my fingers once again!

However, the sun is so strong this time of year and even as I was working, the melting was fierce. Every minute the sculpture underwent subtle shifts and changes...soon it would all be lost into the heat and glare of the sun.

It is so strange to have had the whole winter pass with so few chances to play with the white stuff. We had another surprise snowfall the next night and I could feel that this was the last time it would be dusting the landscape for this season. It is hard to describe how I felt with this kind of knowing... humbled and sad come close.
So when the next morning came, and the sun came out from behind the clouds I knew I had to work fast. I'll share that sculpture soon. I have to process the photos but it is too nice out today and I must go to work outside!

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Scratching at the Window said...

Wow, Sally, I know what you mean. Here in Canada and so little snow?! What a strange Winter... Your spirals are lovely, thank you for sharing.

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