Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carpe Diem 12-12-12

Everyone had their own way of marking the day yesterday...or ignoring it if that was their preference. I had no plans. It was not an Earth-based day of importance... not like an Equinox, Solstice or Lunar phase. This calendar that drives most of human activity on the planet right now is a construct of convenience. Still, many people were taking time to pay attention to something global and that can't be all bad.

I had no idea what the day would bring so I decided to not plan anything....except to try and tackle the mountain of paperwork clogging up my desk. The day was grey and dreary, perfect for desk work. Hooray!

Then I looked outside and big fat snowflakes were lazily drifting down...and I just had to take some time out, make a cuppa and enjoy the show. We've had very little snow so far and none of it sticks for very long because the earth is still unfrozen. But the flakes were like goose down feathers and they began to add up quickly. Soon everything was etched in delicate white lace. As I scanned the horizon I realized we were going to get a break in the clouds. It was just above freezing and the snow would not last very long... in fact it was already melting where it hit the ground...but a curious thing was happening... any place where a stone stood above the ground it was just a wee bit colder, just cold enough to allow the snow to stick and stay.

I have been working for many years on a special stone circle in my garden and had completed a section just a few days before so I was delighted to see the Frost Faeries were coming out to inspect (and bless) my work. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do to commemorate the 12-12-12 moment. I grabbed my camera and my tiny garden nippers and as I put my coat on I glanced at the clock... 12:00...of course!

As I stepped outside I could see that the snow had stopped and that the light was getting brighter. I guessed there might be about 10 minutes before it would be full force and would begin to melt all the snow, even that which was dusting the stone circle. I had to act quickly. On my way out I stopped by the studio and collected some dry Hemlock cones...12 of them.
On the way down past the circle, I snapped some quick photos. I passed a Balsam tree and snipped off 12 tiny branchlets. I headed down to the garden and managed to find about 20 Hawthorne berries still left on the trees. The sun was now fully out and I could hear the dripping in the forest signaling that the snows had begun to melt.

I chose to work at the Western gate because it had the biggest base stone and was also partially shaded by the upright stones which formed the gate. I've used this spot before to make some of my creations and it just felt like the place to make a simple gesture to the moment.

  So the twelve branchlets went down....and next the 12 Hemlock cones, and then I selected the 12 best Hawthorne berries and they wend down...all while trying to be very careful to not disturb any of the surrounding snow. 

  Sometimes it is not about making something fabulous and complex....sometimes it is about letting the moment pull you out of your chair, out of your plans and routine and out the door and into something impulsive, simple and sweet.

 This is especially true when the Snow Faeries have given you such a lovely canvas to enjoy for a few fleeting moments!

We'll return to the construction tour of the Dragonfly Faerie House shortly...and I have another Framed creation to show you....someone may want it for gift-giving, but I have to do an evening shoot so you can see what it looks like when the lights come on. Wishing you joy from the frosted circle.

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Bonnie Klatt said...

Lovely offering, Sally! So glad you saw the blessing in the moment and acted upon it to pass that blessing on to the rest of us.

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