Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Harvest Moon and Autumn Equinox

Hi Everyone,

   I will continue to story of filming Faerie houses soon but I wanted to share a celebration of the season. Yesterday was the Harvest Full moon and I just barely managed to finish this sculpture in time before the moon popped up above the distant mountains across the lake. It was the last full moon of the warm seasons and while it was bittersweet to say good-bye to summer, this moonrise was incredibly beautiful. For those who may be interested, the dividing "line" between the pink and the blue in the distant sky is called the "Belt of Venus"... such a lovely name!

 Hope you like how this came out.

Happy Harvest moon and Happy Equinox this week-end!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely mesmerizingly beautiful is what I would call all your work/play... A definite symphony for the heart that also blends with the mind and spirit inspiring a moment of just being...

Thank you for posting a photo of your Autumn inspiration on (I usually go just to be inspired by the photos of auroras), otherwise I wouldn't have found you. I hope many others choose to explore and find you as well!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing!


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