Friday, December 6, 2013

Second (Blackframed) version of Faerie Houses 2014 calendar now available!

Greetings Everyone!

   Here is the link to the second version of the 2014 Faerie Houses calendar. This version was created as a response to some great fan feedback and suggestions. (See? I do listen!)  This version is called the "Blackframe Edition" for the simple reason that the same images that were used in the original version are being presented without the decorative vine artwork or the textured paper backgrounds. 

   Instead this is just your basic, straight-ahead Faerie Houses calendar... which sounds a bit odd when put that way!

 REMEMBER from now till December 9th you can get this and all my other calendars at 30% off by using the discount code#decktheshelf

Here is the preview of that calendar:

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