Thursday, April 17, 2014

And now for something different....

Hi Everyone!

Last week-end I visited a new spot on Lake Champlain and witnessed an amazing event. The ice was breaking up but it was still in massive sheets stretching out across the bay. The wind was up but not too strong, however it was the perfect amount to force the ice sheet up onto the shore where it started to pile up like an ice volcano.  It was mesmerizing! As I watched the pile grew from less than 3 ft tall to over 12 ft tall in about 30 minutes! It was relentless and astonishing. It moved blocks of ice that were the size of armchairs with perfect ease. And the sound was like crystal shards... the whole thing was surreal.

I made a video and uploaded it to youtube. Here is the link (hopefully) and I've tried to put the video here so you can view it directly. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Ow fine your niece can't be in your blog i see. I was in the background so I guess that doesn't count. just kidding, love ya aunty sal

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