Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring pruning

HI Everyone!

   Just a quick note. For anyone who has subscribed to my newsletter, (the purple and lime green mailing) you will have gotten an issue recently announcing my "spring pruning" plans. Just to be absolutely clear - and in the season of mud that can be a challenge sometimes! ;-)  - the plan is this:

- for anyone who wishes to continue to receive the Greenspirit Arts newsletter, all they need do is open the email. That is it! By simply opening the newsletter email, you will be kept on the newsletter list.

- for those who are certain that they do NOT want to get the newsletter anymore but who were perhaps curious enough to open the email anyway, I've asked them if they could please unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom of that email. That should help with some of the "pruning".

  However, there will be folks who did not open the email, or who chose to not use the unsubscribe link. For those names I'm going to assume (always dangerous, I know!) that they are either no longer at that address or no longer wish to get my newsletter. And so, to make things less cluttered for all, I'll do the final pruning and will simply pare down my newsletter list to just the folks who have expressed interest in getting the Greenspirit Arts newsletter by opening the latest issue and who did not self-unsubscribe. 

PLEASE note: if you are reading THIS message in your email program, then you signed up thru my blog to receive my BLOG posts via your email. This is a different program than the newsletter and you will not be affected by any of this. In fact, you are the only one who can stop the blog posts arriving in your inbox... unless I shut down the blog completely which I am not about to do!

I hope that helps clarify my spring pruning plans -at least the ones I'm doing in my digital world... the fruit trees are another matter entirely! 

If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE do contact me (my email address is greenspiritarts(at) ) and I'll make sure you are on the list you want to be on!

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