Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A little bubbly is added

Hi Everyone!

To continue with the story of how the painting for the Faerie Glen was developed, here is where we left off:
  and here is the next stage in the process: 
  From this image we can see the flow of the central stream is being developed. Also the fungus roofs over the door and windows of the willow house have been added. Also, at this point I realized that the stones on the underside of the closest bridge were not giving the correct sense of perspective and looked a bit busy so I washed out as much of that colour as I could and replaced it with a subtle glowing underside of the bridge. I added those wonderful strands of reflected light you sometimes see under bridges. More work was done to the ferns and foliage of the foreground and the far distant background was made brighter and also the first definition of the footbridge overhead was applied. I was really having fun now! But each step in this process represents 20-30 hours of work!... good thing I was enjoying it!  Stay tuned for more!

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