Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Solstice!

                                             Happy Solstice Everyone!

                              May the warmth and gentleness of the season 
                                               embrace you and fill you 
                                             with Peace and inspiration.

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Anne Jantz said...

I am also so happy to see the sun. We here in the Detroit area had a horrendous winter, as I'm sure you did too in the Adirondacks. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your art is. I love it. My website is, and you'll see I like nature too. I am originally from Plattsburgh. Keep up the great work.

Welcome to the enchanted world of Environmental art and Faerie Houses sculptures created by Sally J Smith. Here you will find photos of the artist's unique art-forms and hear some of the stories from behind the scenes as she shares with you her creative process.