Monday, November 10, 2014

NEW! 2015 Calendars at Lulu! and on a serious sale till Nov 13th!

Greetings Everyone!!

I've been working hard for you this past week and have finally finished two new calendars! They are the print-on-demand calendars available thru Lulu. Every year I make these calendars as every year more and more people want them to give away as gifts. It is hard to believe but this is my 6th year making them, yowza!

Right now I have TWO calendars that are finished and the third is still in-progress.

I have a brand new 2015 Faerie Houses Calendar and a new 2015 Spirals calendar.

Here is the cover for the Faerie Houses calendar. Click HERE to go to my page to find more information and a full slideshow preview of all 12 images.

Here is the cover for the Spirals 2015 calendar. Click HERE to see that page and place your orders.

For anyone having difficulty seeing the individual pages/images over at, I have published all the images for each calendar on a single page, here in my blog. Just look at the top of this page in the header for links to those pages. For anyone on a mobile device, here are the direct links:
to the Faerie Houses calendar images,click HERE
to go see the Spirals calendar images, click HERE

I'm really proud of both of these calendars as I feel they represent my best Lulu offerings to date. 

Now the extra-special good news: Lulu is offering a great sale price of 25% off all calendars.... that is in addition to the 10% off the current sale price! To get this great discount you must order before NOV 13th! Use the coupon code:" 25CAL " when it asks you if you have a coupon to apply.

Lulu offers these sales from time to time and they never tell us in advance when they are going to happen. So, whenever I get an announcement of a sale, I will let you know so you can take advantage of the savings.

I am working on an Eartherials 2015 calendar but it is not ready yet. Since the other 2 just got finished, and since Lulu announced the sale, I decided to pass along all the good news right away. 

Once you get you calendars, if you are pleased, I hope you will write a review. The reviews really help new customers feel good about purchasing one of these items if they have never done so before. I thank you in advance for taking the time if you should feel so inclined.

Also, if you are a retail shop and want to buy these calendars at wholesale, please contact me so we can make arrangements.

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