Monday, December 15, 2014

Greetings from the wintery north!

  We had a very serious snow storm here that began last Tuesday and lasted till sometime on Thursday evening. Heavy, wet stuff blown sideways by tremendous winds that froze to every needle and branch. Many power lines came down and here in our little valley power was not restored till late on Saturday. 4 days is a long time to be without the usual comforts but we managed.
   When that sort of major disruption happens, one moves into problem-solving mode and gets busy with managing all the little details that now must be cared for in different ways. Creativity channels itself in different avenues as the job of just getting the simple things done take precedence.
  Without power I was unable to do any of my digital work, nor could I communicate with my business world. Even the phone lines were down for a little while which meant I was quite isolated. As I listened to some stories on Public radio late in the night, I kept hearing how much people are wanting to get away from the craziness of modern life, how un-plugging from the electronic trappings and slowing down was something that more and more people are craving these days.... "Wow!" I thought.... here I am thinking I've "lost" power when from another perspective one could say that I'm "living the Dream"! 

So I had a laugh, put more snow in the bowl to melt on the woodstove and made sure I had candles ready for the approaching dusk.

On Saturday morning I woke up very early which made me wonder "Is something happening that I need to pay attention to?" A quick check of stove and water pipes told me that all was well in my home but a glance outside gave a stunning image: the grey clouds had held us close for the past week had finally departed and a rosy-gold light was hitting the far mountains whilst lavender and purple shadows filled the meadow and valley nearby.... It was spectacularly beautiful.
 As I watched mists began to rise up over the snowy meadows (an unusual sight for us) and the layering of the landscape became softer yet also more pronounced.
 The light on the distant mountains began to warm and get more golden and as the sun slowly rose behind me, the shadows stretched out across the meadow in gorgeous stripes of Lapis and gold while every branch of every tree on the far hillside was revealed and etched in white.

As I watched the morning light fill the valley, a late flock of Snow geese flew overhead... the photo is not clear, but the delight of seeing their white wings glittering overhead in the morning light was breath-taking!

When I was finally able to get back online, I discovered that my Land Art calendar had been very favorably reviewed on the "My Modern Met" website. You can see that review by clicking HERE: 

and if you'd like to get your own copy of the calendar directly from the publisher, you can click on this link HERE or on the image below:

One of the things I really like about this calendar are the simple descriptions about how each of the calendar images were created. Also, Amber Lotus has made note of many International holidays as well as Earth-based observances such as Solstices etc as well as moon-phases that are not usually found on other calendars so it has a truly universal feeling to it. Supplies of this calendar are running low as well so if you plan to order one, best to get it soon.

Stay tuned as I have an exciting announcement to share about the new book project later this week!

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