Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hunting the elusive 2015 Faerie Houses calendar

Greetings Everyone,

A quick note about the Amber Lotus 2015  calendars. I've been in touch with the publisher to confirm the news, yes, they are completely OUT OF STOCK and will not be printing any more. Most of the calendar companies print only one run and they do it in the summer for the next year so printing more just isn't possible.

But, there seem to be lots of retailers that still have them. An internet search ( use "Faerie Houses 2015 calendar Sally Smith " to narrow your search options) will bring you quite a few good retailers and many places are having last-minute sales so I'd suggest trying them to find the calendar. Amazon,, Barnes and Noble all seem to have them at this moment....but hurry and get your order in because we know they can't be re-stocked since the publisher is out. I've been told that Whole Foods carried them as well so if you have one where you live you might check there. THIS LISTING in Ebay says they have more than 10 at the moment with free shipping. But order soon, once these retailers discover that they have a rare items, they may raise their prices... I saw that last year. Amazon had them for sale for $56 just before Christmas last year! I don't think anyone bought them but it's just what they do when their inventory runs low and they know they can't get any more.

If you are in the UK, there seem to may retailers in the British version of Ebay that are offering them.

I hope that helps!

See my next post about a sale on the Lulu calendars.

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