Monday, February 23, 2015

My interview with CatPrint- my card printing company

Greetings Everyone,

   I hope you are managing to stay warm where you are. We have been stuck in record-breaking cold for the past 6 weeks and it has been quite a challenge just to keep normal systems going. Amazingly, it has been too cold for working with ice! The way I make my ice sculptures it needs to be in the magic window of 22-28 degrees. That seems a positively tropical dream right now!

   But work does continue! And before I get going on that, I'd like to share an interview I did with my wonderful printer They are the only printing company I work with because their quality is so exceptional and also because they are on the leading edge of green-sustainable business practices. You can find the interview HERE.

  The folks at are so friendly and helpful and they do an outstanding job in all their work. I use them because they offer free proofs, because they have such an outstanding commitment to the environment and because they are so very helpful with every step of the process. They have not asked me to say any of this, I'm just happy to do so because good work deserves to be noted and promoted!

  I'll be back soon to tell you about some details of my latest Faerie house studio production, the Dogwood Cottage which is below. 

Stay warm!


Scratching at the Window said...

Thank you for the catprint referral! I'm looking for someone to print pamphlet cards for our B&B and catprint has a Canadian office! Neat!

Sally J Smith, Environmental Artist said...

You are very welcome! Matt will be very happy to help you with all your printing needs...tell him I sent you!! :-)

claude said...

very cute

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