Thursday, May 7, 2015

Something fun from far away

A few weeks ago the BBC online ran an article about a magical lake in Austria called Gruner See (Green Lake)
 It is a small lake at the base of some serious mountains and every spring when the snow melts it gets bigger and deep...quite deep and all the surrounding trails, park benches, bridges and even trees and wildflowers are flooded over, temporarily. A few lucky people who have registered ahead of time get to go diving in the lake.
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As summer progresses, the lake level goes down and people use the trails, benches and bridges as they were designed to be used. All very cool to be sure....(quite "cool" considering this is snowmelt!)

But why am I mentioning this here? Well.. look at this photo and you'll see what caught my eye... Diving Green Lake, Austria (Credit: Credit: Westend61 GmbH/Alamy)

Did you see it too?

Yep, the remnants of a Faerie House! I just loved that! This place is so enchanting that there must be tons of places where Faerie hide and play...and where humans can come and feel their presence. How very magical!

There are some good youtube videos too of diving in this is a good one:

Enjoy your Spring (if you live in the northern climes) and be sure to keep a look-out for Faerie never know where you might see one... even underwater is possible!

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Darrin Swanson said...

Is it allowed to build a lake house in that area?

Welcome to the enchanted world of Environmental art and Faerie Houses sculptures created by Sally J Smith. Here you will find photos of the artist's unique art-forms and hear some of the stories from behind the scenes as she shares with you her creative process.