Thursday, August 13, 2015

Amazing Faerie Artist now has online puzzles on his website!

Hi Everyone!

  Just a quick note here. For those of you who like to collect Faerie (or other magical) art or who like to give away beautiful art as gifts, or for anyone who just wants to have some fun with some lovely Faeries, I invite you to take a look at Stephen J. Smith's website which you can find HERE.

  Stephen is a dear friend but is no relation, though we do share many interests beyond the world of Fae.  I've admired his work for ages and his new website is absolutely stunning. It warmly welcomes you in to the rich variety of work he's produced and there is much to explore once you are there: his extraordinary talent as a painter, philosophy of being an artist (and Mystic) and so much more. I've seen many of his prints first-hand and they are mouth-wateringly beautiful. I find myself holding my breath as I see one for the first if the delicacy of the figures in the image will somehow be disturbed if I breathe, they are so "real". They are like magic portals to transport you to another time and place of exquisite beauty and mystery. But while the images may be delicate, the prints are expertly printed and quite durable and every brushstroke is down on the page to be admired and appreciated. His work is exceptional and it is an honour to share it with you. Here is a thumbnail example of one of his enchanting Faerie paintings:

 This tiny thumbnail does not do it justice, so go over to see it in rich detail HERE in his gallery.

And for all of you who also like puzzles, he's got a brand new feature on his website where you can put together digital puzzles of his luscious images. It's a very clever puzzle because YOU can control how easy or hard it will be! Do check it out! Just click HERE!

 He also creates adorable, whimsical Teddy Bear paintings/prints which are sure to bring a smile. I particularly love this one as it feels so relaxing to look at and it makes me giggle because the bear is so darned cute!
 I hope you have a chance to go see his work, try your hand at one of his puzzles and get some of his prints. They are gorgeous and you'll be thrilled to have them on your wall or to give away to friends and family. Everyone who sees them absolutely LOVES them!

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