Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A tribute and a new blog

Hi Everyone,

  Today I'm inviting you to a new blog. I've often wanted to write about other topics besides my own work or the work of other artists whom I admire. I always felt uncomfortable about adding that content to this blog because I know most people come here to read about my art and my life as an artist. Yet every now and then moments happen in life and we want to mark them out as special. I realize that most folk probably use Facebook or other social media tools for things like this but since I'm not a Facebook user, this left me with a bit of a puzzle: how to share additional stories without cluttering up this blog even more.

  I decided that the best way to do this was to create an entirely new blog. You can find the new blog, with its first post HERE.  It is called "Going deeper with Greenspirit" and it will be the place where I share stories, reflections and content that may not be directly related to my work as an artist but are still deeply connected to myself as a human being in the journey of life.

  There will always be a message here when I make a new post over there so people who are not subscribed can be alerted. There will also be a permanent link at the top of this blog to take you over to the new blog.

  Thanks Everyone for your continued interest in my work as it expands and flourishes.

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