Friday, November 27, 2015

Good News!

Greetings Everyone!

   For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a peaceful and lovely holiday. 
For me, Thanksgiving is a holiday that does not always make a big splash in our annual cycle. Some years we celebrate, some we don't. This year was one of the latter...and yet, all day I felt extremely grateful!  It felt really magical in fact which rather surprised me.

  Without the focus on the food, drink and people, it was just down to taking stock of all the things for which I am truly grateful. Simple things - like "good health" and "enough" (of whatever), a peaceful place to live, and creative work that makes me feel alive and challenged.... I felt gratitude fill me up like a great feast - and even for that I felt grateful!

  One of the things I am especially grateful for is something I've been wanting to share with my fans for a few weeks now that it is "official" but making the announcement didn't quite feel right... until now. Here is the news: I've been contacted by a well-known book publisher to make a book! The book will be all about all my Faerie House building tips and techniques. There will be a LOT of photographs showing in great detail how I build my houses. There will also be tutorials for building some example houses from start to finish. And there will be a lot of secrets shared! This will be like a master-crafters personal workshop in Faerie house building, an ultimate DIY for Faerie house builders everywhere. Its going to be a lot of fun to put this book together and the publisher and I are already working hard on the project so this explains why I've been rather quiet in my blog lately. 

  I have another smaller announcement which I'll make this week-end... a new card collection that is just in time for the holidays so stay tuned!

And a quick note: for all my Kickstarter fans.... yes, that book is still on-track too. I will be posting an update to all of you in the next few days as well. It has been too long, I know. But the wait has had some unexpected benefits which I will describe in my update to you. Stay tuned!


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Carolyn said...

Congratulations! Well deserved. Even though I'm not a master crafter and lack the skills, not to mention the patience, required for your work, I would enjoy seeing how you do it. I have seen several books on faerie houses, and own a few, and while pleasing and enjoyable, they don't seem quite as magical as yours. I hope one day you will 'branch out' and include more interiors and furnishings from natural found materials. Looking forward to your publications!

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